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Tony Award Fashion: Best & Worst

Well, after watching a pretty ho-hum Tony Awards the other night, there isn’t much to tell. Hooray for “In the Heights,” which seems to be loved by all. Boo for “The Little Mermaid,” which was made into a laughing stock at the awards show when the director of “August: Osage County” mocked it in her acceptance speech.

It was even worse when we had to watch an excerpt with Ariel on those sneaker-skate things that annoying kids wear at the mall on Saturdays.

But, the best and worst dressed list was as easy as 1-2…uh, just two.

BEST: Marisa Tomei in her rad red dress (see Christine Baranski in a hot red number too):

(photo –

WORST: Whoopi Goldberg in the Seinfeld puffy shirt (I had hoped that got tossed when the show ended, but apparently Whoopi somehow got dibs):

Posted by: phoebems | June 10, 2008

Summer Addiction

I finally caught “Legally Blonde: Search for the new Elle Woods” on MTV last night.

This show is great!

(Photo: MTV)

A la “Grease: You’re the One That I Want,” the reality show seeks to cast one unknown aspiring actress in the leading role in Broadway’s “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

Now this is a reality show! Taking a page straight out of the “America’s Next Top Supermodel” book, there are 10 hopefuls living together in close quarters in Manhattan, snarky judges who freely say what they don’t like about the contestants in vague, baseless claims (“I just don’t get an ‘Elle’ feeling from her.”), assignment sheets slipped under the apartment door, and PINK outfits galore.

The show is marginally “hosted” by “Broadway star (???)” Hayley Duff. You may know her as the older and less impressive sibling of Hilary Duff.  She looks like a giant grain of rice (bland and narrow) as she vamps into the apartment and gives the girls their next challenge.

Some nifty contestants too. Best of all is a girl named Lauren who looks like a combination of Britney Spears, Miss Piggy, and Mrs. Garrett from “The Facts of Life.”

Watch it! It’s the best thing going until “Entourage” comes back.

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A purely superficial moment

Don’t you just LOVE the purple Maria Pinto dress Michelle Obama wore the other night at Barack Obama’s big speech?

(photo: NY Times)

Totally shades of Jackie Kennedy style… The color is amazing!  See more on Michelle Obama’s classic style in this NY Times article from today’s Style section.

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It was fine.

Well, I saw it. It was fine.

“Fine,” meaning neither “great” nor “terrible” (much as this NY Times review tries to slam it into oblivion).

The fashion is zany, the apartments are glamorous (including one truly phenomenal walk-in closet), the ladies are still their same characters through and through.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, since I’d prepared myself for the worst after hearing rumblings that the Sex and the City Movie was bad.  It’s not bad! It’s just not better than an episode, and it’s 5x as long.

That’s the biggest problem: the show had many episodes, some great and others not-so-great. Now imagine an entire season’s plotline in a single movie. It’s about as good as the average of an entire season’s episodes muddled together.

As Samantha says (a la Death of a Salesman), “Attention must be paid.” She’s right (She also happens to be surprisingly the show’s strongest film actress). You need to go to the film to see what happens in the next chapter of Carrie and her pals.

I’ve already gone twice. 😉

Posted by: phoebems | May 29, 2008

Here We Go!

I know that it’s getting bad buzz, they’re too old, blah, blah, blah…


I am so excited for the Sex & the City Movie.

It’s been years watching and memorizing my well-worn DVDs, and it will be such a treat to see new plotlines, new jokes, and new shoes!

Even more exciting, as of tomorrow night I can emerge from the seclusion I’ve had to enter for the past two weeks to avoid reading any spoilers or seeing any previews. I’m going in pretty much blind, so I will report back fully after the movie.

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