Posted by: seth | December 5, 2007

Don Martin and Mad Magazine

In a world filled with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, I start to yearn for the old days. And nothing brings me back to feeling twelve than seeing the drawings of Don Martin, the iconic cartoonist who died in 2000, and is best known for his cartoons in MAD Magazine. It’s hard to exactly place why they’re so good – maybe it’s almost like cartoon slapstick? Here are two of his cartoons below, but also take a look at this short photo essay on Martin’s work at And for those die-hard fans, a new two-volume anthology of Martin’s work has just been released.

Don Martin draws Tarzan

Don Martin does the Beatles



  1. Is there any pictures of Don Martin without his sun glasses. The reason I am asking is that I know of a man that claims to be THE Don Martin and I would really like to call this man on the carpet. He is a very good artist but something doesn’t ring true with his story. Especially if you say he is dead

  2. sex

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