Posted by: seth | January 25, 2008

Glib and Slow: CNN’s Tony Harris

Tony Harris is a doltThis isn’t about movies or Hollywood, but I have to vent: Does anyone else absolutely hate the CNN Anchor Tony Harris? He drives me crazy. He’s glib, vapid, and he makes endless (very bad) jokes. He seems to enjoy ending interviews, where nothing useful is elicited, by taking a long pause and then saying: “Hmm, great interview. very helpful”. Clearly he never listens.

I searched for any “I hate Tony Harris” websites, and to my chagrin there are none. I did, however, find two blog posts that I officially join in Tony Harris-hating solidarity. One post lists Tony Harris as #3 on its “list of terrible news anchors” and criticizes his habit of “looking off into space, as if he’s thinking” (I think this speaks to my ‘vapid’ allegation). And then another blog complains about Tony’s habit of “hmmm’ing” as his interviewers talk. Couldn’t agree more.

I’ll add more examples as Tony makes them. But seriously, is no one else annoyed by him? Is there a more annoying anchor? (I’m excluding the undeniable crackpots, like Bill O’Reilly) Any suggestions on other most-hated news anchors , or Tony Harris bloopers, are most welcome.

Update: Ahh, more Tony Harris “support”, this time at



  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m a Canadian who enjoys the American Presidential season, so this is when I tune into CNN. Tony Harris is the most irritating anchor ever, loving the sound of his own voice. He will interview guests and you will consistently here his voice versus the guests’. I’m glad you noticed this as well – sack Tony CNN!

  2. Letter to CNN:

    What a grave disservice Tony Harris does to your organization. Having news delivered by an individual who constantly appears to be struggling with his mental faculties – all the blinking and shifting eye movements, the inappropriate and uninformed comments and banter, the outbursts, the unnecessary laughter, the bizarre body language, etc… – puts a real burden on your viewers. That he is on the air at all raises serious questions about CNN’s integrity and its commitment to news. It is offensive that you believe this is what your target audience wants – news delivered by a clown. I’ve lost all confidence in CNN and will exercise my right to tune out.

  3. Absolutely Absolutely agree with all said about Harris BUT I hasten to add that the entire cast of characters who pose as journalists on CNN are pretty awful. Wolf Blitzer’s master of ceremonies act at the debates says it all about how CNN is more interested in entertainment than news…even Anderson Cooper who had some promise seems to be drinking the CNN Kool-AID chanting the annoying mantra of Keepin them honest crap…Hearst Yellow Journalism is alive and well.

  4. I’m right here with you all. In fact, Tony has been missing for the past few weeks and I thought it was because he’d been sanctioned due to any “personnel” diffficulties he may be having wwith any of his anchors. Thought my research might turn up something on the web. I also try to see if Heidi Collins looks at him strangely, too. Sometimes, I think management tells him to tone it down or they take him off for periods. I used to think the act was charming, but there seems to be a cranky side to it; he may have some mental illness and it’s beyond CNN’s contract to fire him over. He’s not the first nor last of the “newstainment” loonies, though. Rick Sanchez became #1 a long time ago.

  5. I agree with you all, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to vent! If Pat’s hypothesis is correct then that is very sad indeed, however he needs to go. His delivery is extremely annoying (the eyes, the pause in the middle… eyes all around and the ACCELERATION at the end of the line into the grin!!!!) I also find is strange how he gets so emotionally involved in the stories and expresses personal opinion. Sorry Tony, you need to be a game show host.

  6. I don’t know what is wrong with him, but he is very very irritating. CNN should do one of two things with Tony Harris. Fire him OR send him to cover the Iraq war for about a year. After Anderson Cooper came back from Indonesia, covering the Tsunami, he was a changed man and took things a lot seriously and empahtetically. Maybe a year in Iraq could change Tony Harris.

  7. I completely agree. I absolutely cannot STAND Tony Harris. I turn off the TV whenever I see him. He has an annoyig habit of looking away from teh camera, grnning when he shouldn’t, shouting when he shouldn’t. CNN should get rid of him.

  8. I absolutely agree with you…I cant stand Tony Harris,he should be on Radio not TV…that way we dont have to see his annoying antics..

  9. Not to pile on… but I’m piling on. I was watching CNN Newsroom today and just couldn’t take Tony Harris’ stupidity any longer. For what it’s worth, I sent CNN negative feedback on his completely unprofessional words and actions.

  10. A great Tony Harris example earlier today: The story was about a woman in a police station who ‘posed’ with officers for pictures. Apparently some inappropriate groping also happened, and it was all caught on tape. The segment ends, Tony Harris has a big grin and giggles, as if it’s a big joke. The camera cuts to Heidi Collins, who angrily shakes her head, and starts a new story.

  11. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who can’t stand this unprofessional anchor. He is quite possibly one of the worst anchors I’ve seen on television. He has numerous annoying habits. He looks away from the screen a lot. He inserts his opinion into the new story all the time. He never lets the interviewee finish their answer. He tries to put words in the interviewees mouth. He yells for no reason. His eyes move as he reads the teleprompter. I could go on and on. Someone needs to tell him that he’s not on “The View” and to just do the news like a pro.

  12. I completely agree with every other comment here. Harris is a ridiculously bad anchor who is so unprofessional I usually have to change the channel when the man is “reporting.” I did some quick research on him and he did work as a DJ, a features reporter, and then a reporter for that hard-hitting pillar of journalism, Entertainment Tonight (at least that means he didn’t learn the ropes from another of journalism’s scourges, Bill O’Reilly, over at Inside Edition). And, dear lord, someone gave the man an Emmy.
    This morning, he was speaking to a reporter covering the Oscars and asked her, “So, what are you wearing?” Not only did he make the line even sceezier than it already was, but he also was completely confused by her response and tried to Tony it off by grinning and making some really bad joke.
    His reporting style is annoying in every detail, and his personality grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. The more the man reports, the more harm he does to CNN’s reputation and to journalism itself.

  13. Besides being loud and in inappropriately grinning pushing his “personality”, he has a real annoying habit of all ways looking to the side or down while talking, WHY ?
    Just read the fricken news, I don’t need personalities , I’ll watch Matlock for that .

  14. I am so relieved to see that I’m not the only one who can’t bear to watch Tony Harris – I like Heidi Collins but his anchoring and presentation would have you believe HE WAS THE NEWS! Unfortunately HE IS but for all the wrong reasons. I totally agree with everything everyone has said – I just can’t understand why CNN haven’t dropped him yet! Imagine being Heidi Collins having to work alongside him every day! No thanks, not at any price! Get rid of him!

  15. I too am a member of the anti-Tony club. If we all DAILY e-mail CNN with negative comments about his outrageous performance, then CNN may listen up & drop him. (In unity there is strength) I pity poor Heidi Collins having to endure him for those 4 hours each morning. Ugh.

  16. We need to bombard CNN with negative comments about this clown Tony. He makes a fool of himself each time he gets his big face in front of the camera; he won’t allow the interviewee to answer a question as he spouts out his verbal diarrhea on each and every subject. Who cares what his opinions are?
    I agree that we need to complain regularly to CNN management.

  17. Maybe Tony is furtively looking sideways because he fears they are coming to drag him off the set?

  18. I have been trying to complain to CNN since I first saw this loon. Why oh why does he stay on the air when really good people have dissapeared. I was so thankful to see a “I hate Tony Harris” fan club, I am an enthusiastic member. On the West coast it is twice as bad because he is our morning anchor. We switch on our wonderful CNN to get it’s usual first class news reporting for our day, and what do we get? A stupid moron! I even made the suggestion that since, for some reason, they cannot fire him that they put him on 3 hours later, then the East coast will be at work as well as the West coast – then no-one has to watch him and CNN doesn’t have to fire him. I like Hiedi and I hope that when they finally reallise what they are subjecting us to that they do not fire the complete team. Just get the idiot off the air and get Hiedi another partner. Thanks so much for the opportunity to vent. Now we just have to get CNN to read all this.

  19. Shock Horror. I witnessed Heidi Collins deliver a story a couple of days ago TONY STYLE! I think he is actually starting to bring her down!

  20. I never really write in about this stuff but he irratates me to such a degree. When he is happy and peppy about tragedy it’s beyond absurd. It’s horrifying!

    Seriously, how is he on the air? What are they doing over there?

    I actually will, gulp, switch to fox before watching him.

  21. Thank you!!! I am not the only one. If I was sentenced to prison and I had a choice of solitary confinement or stuck in a room with him on and couldn’t change the channel, I would choose the former.

    He is the most annoying, and he thinks he is the authority on every topic! I hate his antics, and I try really hard sometimes to look beyond how he behaves and just listen to the words but then I just give up after about 10 seconds. Please CNN get rid of him.

    Thank you for this topic, I needed to vent. I thought I was the only one.

  22. Look, I’m a Black guy who’s always against racism. But when I watch this Tony Harris guy I begin to understand where racism from some Whites comes from. Maybe that is CNN’s hidden agenda : they look for the most repulsive, obnoxious Blacks they could find (also T J Holmes), put them before the audience and provoke such a strong reaction that they could later justify doing away with ALL Blacks on the air – kind of a SHOAH. Absurd as it may sound, even as a Black myself, I find myself shouting the N-word when I see and hear this guy. I can just imagine what white people’s reaction must be, although so far none has had the guts to make any kind of racial reference. The fact is many Blacks are obnoxious and repulsive in their behaviour and comportment and should be mercilessly denounced when they dare to present themselves publicly. Sharp contrast : Donna Brazile – beautiful, honorable, smart, classy lady.

    • Sure you’re black?

  23. Not sure where you connect this to race, other than that Tony Harris is black. As much as I dislike Tony Harris, I can assure you that I yell at the screen much more when I see Lou Dobbs or Bill O’Reilly, and I doubt that’s an attempt to get rid of all white announcers. And the idea that it’s some kind of conspiracy by CNN is absurd. I think Tony’s just a bad announcer. His skin color, religion, sexual preference, etc etc, are all irrelevant.

  24. Except you’re forgetting one thing : Blacks have been historically demonized and as a result are still generally looked upon and portrayed negatively and stereotypically. Witness the Bill O’reilly, Don Imus et al, rantings. How about Hillary Clinton’s recent “shame on you, Barack Obama” rantings, which because of the extremely personal tone and tenor of the remarks and his powerlessness to respond in kind, may well be at the root of his recent slippage. So yes, race is quite relevant, my friend and blacks ignore this at their peril. i do agree, however, that Lou Dobbs is a wholly unreconstructed troglodyte and crypto-racist dolt.

    • Okay, you are black.

    • Okay, you are.

  25. I truly wish that the CNN executives would do some researches online and read some of the feedbacks. I used to (and still am… somewhat less though) be a huge fan of CNN. Everyone was professional and pleasant to watch. But now, they have two of THE WORST anchors on the air, anywhere! Tony Harris and Rick Sanchez are just beyond ridiculous that’s almost laughable. They both are total show-offs, trying their damndest to draw attention to themselves, not to mention all the most agnoring habits both of them have. CNN, please listen to the viewers…. GET RID OF THEM, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!

  26. As I am submitting this observation, Tony Harris is screaming to his guests about politicis. He is amazingly “talented”, with a vocal range of three octaves, at least and his ability to go from 10mph-150mph within one sentence! And his vision is for sure impaired. What a freaking dork he is… he thinks we are all little kids lisentening to his 2nd grade stories and could understand only if he puts on an act. what a shame! AND HE IS DAMN RUDE BY CUTTING OFF HIS GUESTS WITH THEY ARE STILL TALKING WITH HIS BURSTS OF HIGH PICTCHED SQUEALS!!!!!!

  27. this guy is more annoying than the tag on your t-shirt that keeps rubbing the back of your neck. the best solution for both problems: CUT THEM!

    rick sanchez is almost as bad … then there is that annoying creep on the weather channel dave sshwartz. YIKES!

  28. Imagine my surprise upon my return to Baltimore to see no more Tony Harris on WBAL or whatever channel it was…and THEN to see him on CNN! Caramba! What were they THINKING!

    Of course, CNN also has second-rate infotainment announcers–they are NOT journalists, reporters–such as:

    The monotonous and humorless Wolf Blitzer;
    The glib and vapid college fratboy Rick Sanchez;
    The constantly-the-same-stories Lou Dobbs;
    TJ Holmes, a Tony disciple;
    The “wheezes when he breathes” Anderson Cooper;
    And, last but not least, the King of Emptiheaded Interviewers, Larry King.

    I never used to believe in the devil, but I now can see how the devil might exist, given that so many untalented, aggressive, self-centered ones can make millions upon millions of dineros for nothiing. Money for nothing…

  29. CNN should just have females anchors. The ones they have now are articulate, intelligent, likeable, informed & most importantly hot!

  30. I am sitting here watching CNN and listening to Tony Harris shout the news in a speed talking voice (Very unprofessional and unappealing). Wolf Blitzers mindless overly dramatic and overly loud delivery of the “news” is almost as bad. Begin rant: Not only has the quality of news reporting on CNN and all networks for that matter gone way down but the style of delivering the news has devolved into a litany of “news segments” with cartoony graphics (nauseating fade in/fade outs etc…), annoying swoosh/tension filled sound effects presented by patronizing News anchors whose blathering seems to be geared towards appealing to the widest possible audience. They forgot they are in the business of the News and not in the business of Professional Wrestling. It seems as if the WWE has taken over CNN behind the scenes! News should be a very simple affair whereby reporters report on the events of the day. I don’t give a wit about what the anchors on CNN’s or any other “News” Organizations opinion is on the news, Just report it and let the viewer decide how important it is and whether or not it affects them. If the average viewer doesn’t comprehend the news, then news then society needs to improve Education NOT dumb down the news. News organizations seem to think that the average viewer is too dumb to be able to effectively interpret the news of the day. I could go on and on… I think I will! Lets all lobby the BBC to create a 24 x 7 cable news network that delivers the news in a classy and professional manner without all the idiotic antics of CNN’s infotainers. Check out the movie Idiocracy and you can see an albeit extreme example of where this type of moronic infotainment could lead us to unless we make a change!
    End rant

  31. I HATE THIS MAN !!! and am glad to see that others feel the same way. he needs a good smack in the face, that overly animated falsely cheerful putz! i don’t like msnbc but that’s what i watch in the mornings now. and has anyone else noticed how he just sweeps heidi collins under the rug? he constantly interrupts her–even when she’s doing an interview!
    why doesn’t cnn fire him?

  32. I am an elderly lady who loves CNN.


  33. I beg of you, Tony Harris… Please stop screaming! or better yet, stop talking all together!

  34. Start looking at the camera
    Stop acting
    Damn it!!!!

  35. I think that Tony harris is not only annoying,, but happily reports about war, famine, rape etc with a smile on his face, often laughing or making a joke after telling you about some tragedy. His glib and false sincerity, his inane banter, and his horribly annoying reporting style does a disservice to any information he could possibly relaying. I think he should be taken off the air.

  36. this guy desperately needs MEDICATION!

  37. I think whoever ‘Dave’ is is doing blacks a disservice. I am an African American and am happy to see this site because it is sooo true that Tony Harris is a moron and an idiot. Likewise, I’m happy because aside from this idiot ‘Dave’ people here have just spoken about his delivery and cartoonishly bad behavior and not about his race. So thanks to everyone here for having an intelligent (although rightfully pissed off) commentary on this putz.

    Few comments:

    I disagree about Heidi Collins..I think she’s just as bad..she used to be hot, working the mornings and then 8pm, then she got pregnant, went away and has come back just cranky..I saw her interrupt a few guests trying t find something sensational or to lead the story when Harris was never around and she just looks like an idiot to me.

    As for all female anchors, me being a male ho, I’m down for that, but it’s all cable news that’s fucked..let’s be real..Heidi Collins interrupting guests obviously trying to find something sensational, today Tony the dumbass is with Brianna Kieller, a cute chubby lil girl who is completely too young to be trying to take on Political Guests like Barack’s Sr. Foreign Policy Expert. Campbell Brown is a republican shill and Candy scares me. Seriously if you want to see some hot, pleasant and news specific women — CNN INTERNATIONAL.

    My last point, I had CNN International for years when I lived in other places and LOVED it! It’s now not where I am but please if you have it..get away from CNN. I’m a liberal but Rosie is not someone I agree with per se..that said, she was dead on about foreign news being better than American. They cover all of the news we get but they do not focus on BS spectacle, BS reporting which is really borderline slander as they skew news to create conflict (speaking of which..How does Howard Kurtz have a show on CNN attacking the media?? This fool is an obvious republican shill, will not say Fox is biased and then always features Republican blogger tools on while claiming the media is left..BUT HE HAS A MEDIA CRITQUE SHOW???) and lastly, they do something very simple…they ask questions..I don’t know how many times I’ve watched people make outlandish claims, even the reporters and no one questions them??? News is shit right now…CNN International, BBC – fuck CNN in the mornings and evenings…AC360 has become biased as well and we all know Anderson is gay and yet this dude was afraid to touch Ronald Reagan’s diary because it was like Excalibur…get all of these fool off the air.

    Oh and Tony Harris is an ass clown.

  38. Hi everyone: if you have a moment, please write to CNN by following this link:
    They WILL do something if enough viewers speak up. Thanks

  39. What do you all have to say about that TJ boy on CNN? I would hate to see more of him anytime soon.

  40. Target — dude 1st why is TJ a boy? He seems like a man to me. Secondly, TJ Holmes does have a following..whether you like it or not, he’s considered handsome by my wife and girlfriends who are either or date African Americans and likewise, they all hate Tony it’s not a black thing with people who are not noticing his color. Secondly, his delivery is never as bad as Tony Harris..come on…r u honestly telling me that the idiot asian chick who does the weekends with Tony is somehow not as shallow as Tony? I think Don lemon is annoying but that ‘boy’ TJ seems light years more professional and appealing to watch and listen to that those ‘boys’ – Glenn Beck (just god awful–he lies in the same sentence– contradicting larry king tonight); Wolf Blizter; Lou Dobbs (whose desprate bid for ratings can be called the tried and true..Fox News–‘scare the easily scared white people not the intelligent ones’ play); Howard Kurtz ( a complete ass clown by all measures; he is the only one I want gone from CNN worse than Tony Harris), Kitty Pilgrim (the worst delivery in news next to Tony Harris..drone, unpleasant to watch and has the audacity to interrpt, ignore or give her own opinion on what should be news shows–she’s no lou dobbs). Get over your ‘boy’ comments.

  41. Thank God I’m not the only one. I am sitting here watching him as I type this and I want to die. Strangely, though, my 6 month old finds him fascinating…but she also likes Teletubbies.

  42. I generally am ok with most of the CNN anchors. Rick Sanchez drives me nuts and I turn off the tv when he is on, as he causes me to have strange neurological reactions. HE IS SO IRRITATING and INTERRUPTS and LOVES THE SOUND OF HIS OWN VOICE.

    Also, TJ Holmes requires a major speech therapy intervention. If I am in another room with him on CNN, I barely recognize it as English. Nice guy, though, just please, someone get him to say “THE RAIN IN SPAIN FLOWS MAINLY IN THE PLAIN” about 100 times. (For a start)

  43. Amen to all of the above

  44. Wow…all of you so full of hate for a man you’ve never met. I actually find Tony refreshing! But I understand that the internet gives you an outlet to unleash your rage about inconsequential topics. So, carry on you mindless sheep.

  45. Is TJ Holmes trying to rap on the air?

  46. […] brief search revealed I’m not alone, with (maybe overly?) vicious comments on the man: See Get Entertainmental’s “Glib and Slow: CNN’s Tony Harris” and TVSquad’s “Three Terrible News […]

  47. Tony Harris is the most arrogant, self absorbed weirdo ever to be inflicted on the American public. It’s like he’s too important to have to be bothered to look the viewer or the interviewee in the eye. What a smug, pompous wack job.

    If he were white, he’d never have gotten a job in broadcasting. What kind of upbringing produces the most pompous man alive in the guise of a black man?

  48. I absolutely loathe Tony Harris. He’s one of the reasons I stopped watching CNN. The smirking, the smart-assy attitude, the inappropriate laughter, bobbing his head around like Ray Charles…he seems to think everyone is tuning in to see HIM. He’s extremely disrespectful and he nauseates me.

  49. Day after day I watch CNN amazed that Tony Harris has not yet been canned. I’m baffled that CNN continues to put him on the air. Quite often his fellow anchors and correspondents seem mystified and even embarrassed by his antics. The real problem to me isn’t that his questions and responses often shows his ignorance of the issues at hand (he’s hardly the only news anchor or reporter guilty of this) but in my view he appears to think that he is the story. How many times does he say how much he wants to hear more when the reporter gets back to the studio – not for the air but for his own enlightenment. Or how about his “Help me understand…” I’m afraid Tony that might take a long while and require some remedial work on your part. His stumbling, bumbling interviews are unwatchable. I totally see him as a local news anchor – an appropriate place for his banal happy talk. However, for all its detractors, CNN is in fact the premier television news organization in this hemisphere and the stories and viewers deserve much better. I hope the management at CNN doesn’t think giving him a long leash like this is the way to elevate his Qs. I can’t imagine what his audience demographic is -Comedy Central already has the viewers that think news is a joke.


  51. He is beyond ANNOYING. Honestly, I want to see some of the better anchors slap him one day while they are reporting together. I wonder when CNN will kick him off, for god’s sake. I studied journalism, and I just don’t understand where the heck he learned his journalism skills. BOO!!!

  52. Tony Harris is simply too LOUD!

  53. Reading your comments lets me know that I am not crazy. I had never heard of this guy until today–May 26, 2008. He is sooo Annoying. Way too much editorializing!!!

  54. Was watching Tony Harris this morning and screaming..usual occurance and came to this site. WOW!!!

    RACISM is a bitch!

    Dave = Sellout. Damn you are a sellout. Somebody black needs to beat the hell out of yo beige ass.

    Shawn = TJ is trying to rap?? Because he’s black? Really? I never see facial expressions on him like he is acting rather than reporting (ala Tony Harris) or anything so why the hate? He’s clearly intelligent so the fact that his voice is not monotone in a Wolf Blizter or Brianna Kieller way makes him trying to rap? Tell me does John King sound like he’s whining? Does Gloria Bolger sound like a smartass? Does Jeffrey Toobin sound nebbish?

    I mean I find it interesting that on a board about one truly horrifying news anchor (ala ass hat himself, Tony Harris) that some people find that it’s his race that bothers them. I hate Tony Harris’ professionalism (ie lack of it) but I remember feeling this way if not more than the unfunny, sanctimonious and lewd Miles Obrien assaulted my ears in the morning with the competent Soledad Obrien.

    Grow up and grow out of racist behavior.

  55. To : Amazed and Gob, two supersensitive immature whining kids who seem to have a problem with facing unpleasant realities such as racism. Look, racism is a fact, unfair and undesirable. It’s also a fact that Blacks are a prime target of racist sentiment. With any kind of self-awareness, Blacks should be keenly aware of this social reality and seek to conduct themselves in such a way as not to unnecessarily attract more of the same. This is precisely what brother Barack has done and now he’s poised to become the 1st Black President. Is he a sellout? Should we now get somebody Black to “beat the hell out of his Black ass? No wonder it took so long for this historical development to occur. So long as this is the prevailing primitive Black response to resort to insults and violence whenever someone disagrees with them, as a group they will always be left behind. Hooray for the Barack enlightenments !!

  56. “Tony has the day off!!”

    • That’s exactly how I feel!
      Every time I see someone else sitting in for Tony H I hope and pray it is because he has been fired. As soon as they say eg “This is XYZ sitting in for Tony Harris” my heart sinks. We went a whole hour and a half the other week until I heard, “This is TJ Holmes sitting in for Tony Harris”. The funny thing was that I thought TJ was aware of the affect that would have on his audience and he looked very apologetic and nervous for a few seconds after.

  57. THANK YOU for all these comments about Tony Harris! I finally don’t feel as isolated and crazy as Tony surely is!!! As others have mentioned, he is much better suited to host a game show (or a three-ring circus) than a serious news show.

  58. Great! An anti Tony blog! I can’t stand the guy. Every time there is anything to do with a black citizen involved in any kind of criticism, Tony tosses the race card. Tony, not everyone is a white racist and occasionly, just as other of varying races do dumb thinks, black do to.

    It appears that as of the end of the Republican convention, Tony is no longer on the air. I can only pray he is not on a long vacation!

  59. Aargh!! He’s baaack! With a vengeance, and with an entire hour to himself. I guess he proved to be too much for poor Heidi Collins who now has her own hour, immediately preceding him.

  60. For all you Tony Harris fans out there- I can only hope you saw him last week on Sept 12, interviewing General Honore about the oncoming Hurricane Ike.
    Tony would ask a question, and when the General answered in that marvelous voice of his, speaking slowly and charmingly, it took a long time before it was Tony’s turn to speak again.
    After a while he was echoing Honore’s words, and then it became like a church meeting, with Tony interjecting “that’s right” or “absolutely” everytime the general paused for breath. Honore charged on, with an increasingly agitated Tony trying to bring him to a halt. When General Honore finished his loooong bit, there were only a few seconds of airtime. So Tony then had to say “HurricaneIkeisaverydangerous stormI’mTonyHarris” before fade to black. One of my all time favorite moments on television, very riminiscent of the old Bob and Ray routine, Slow Talkers of America.

  61. Wow. I’m so happy to find out I’m not totally insane. I’ve been caught in a horrible cycle of waking up, turning on CNN for 20 seconds, and then changing the channel, just before I start clawing my eyes out. It’s like watching a really bad band at a jr. high talent show. it’s painful to watch him discuss anything. Thanks for making me realize I’m not alone.

  62. eeyikes!! I spoke too soon! Now he’s got the whole 2 hours to himself. 2 hours of pure punishment for us.

  63. I admit that Tony is a bit wierd, but wold rather have him that Lou Dodds or Campbell Brown. I find Tony to be a bit entertaining and different enough from the other CNN people to hold my attention. Soe of the people who have responded to this request for comments on Tony, need to get over yourselves. Have a nice day… 🙂

  64. I wonder if Tony Harris has EVER seen himself on TV, or heard of his own voice. I am sick to my stomach everytime his mouth opened on CNN and made stupid “right”,”yah”,”wow” etc. comments when his guests are speaking. So inappropriate! Has anyone ever told him, like his producer?

  65. Oh thank God, I have found someone else who feels this way! He is SO, SO, SO bad! He must have connections high up IN CNN- how else could he keep his job for this long? He is like listening to nails scratching on a chalk board. His delivery is so bizarre. I CAN NOT watch him & have to change the channel immediately.

  66. You guys on this site need to get laid. You’re crying and complaining about someone who is on TV- who you’ve never met and who’s actions/behaviour you’re misinterpreting. I’ve met Tony Harris in person and he happens to have a very bubbly personality which downers like some of you don’t know anything about but should definitely learn to appreciate. This sounds like a bunch of cranky little girls to me. Quit it. Not only he isn’t bad, but he is kicking ass in ratings. Look them up. That’s why he got his own 2 hours in the morning. He is one of 5 black men to have his own show on cable. If he really weren’t talented and good for tv, you’d think he wouldn’t be on at all, let alone getting promoted. And those comments about him being self-absorbed are totally wrong. 200%. But it’s a “free country”, right? I still don’t think you should run your stupid mouths.

    • It’s merely his screaming and annoying voice. I’m sure he’s a nice person but he’s REALLY annoying.

  67. Funny, I was so impressed with Tony Harris while watching CNN this morning, I googled him. He has a wonderful voice and great personality.

    • JAnet you can’t be serious.

      • Yes she is serious, I loved Tony’s show too. You haters are like itchy bad ticks, ya’ll need to be scratched off.

  68. Oh GOd I thoguht I was alone. I have to often turn off CNN b/c his loud screeching voice is so annoying. He also seems to be a knowitall and he’s an idiot.

    • Instead of criticizing Tony, you need to take a spellling class.

  69. Wow, I thought I was the only one!

  70. Contrary to what you seemingly judgmental haters think, some of us LUV Tony Harris. He was delightly, funny, sentimental, and charming. I looked forward to hearing and viewing him daily and will greatly miss him. Tony, don’t worry about haters, for if you are a child of God, and it appears you were raised right by a God-fearing Mother and Grandmother, God will see you thru this, but more importanly he will love you and bless you. I thought you were a dynamite journalist/anchor. Keep praying and we will keep up the intercessory prayers. God speed.

  71. What CNN needs is an anchor/journalist that can get right with you haters, whether Republican or Democratic. Although I have not been trained or learned as a journalist, I am an attorney. What the news and tv needs is just average Americans to inform the viewers. When a Republican/Democrat are saying or doing things that will affect/harm the American people, we need to let them know it, not hold back. Nothing bothers me more than a Republican/Democrat saying they are speaking for the American people, when they know their actions are self-serving and they don’t give a hoot about most Americans.

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