Posted by: phoebems | June 10, 2008

Summer Addiction

I finally caught “Legally Blonde: Search for the new Elle Woods” on MTV last night.

This show is great!

(Photo: MTV)

A la “Grease: You’re the One That I Want,” the reality show seeks to cast one unknown aspiring actress in the leading role in Broadway’s “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

Now this is a reality show! Taking a page straight out of the “America’s Next Top Supermodel” book, there are 10 hopefuls living together in close quarters in Manhattan, snarky judges who freely say what they don’t like about the contestants in vague, baseless claims (“I just don’t get an ‘Elle’ feeling from her.”), assignment sheets slipped under the apartment door, and PINK outfits galore.

The show is marginally “hosted” by “Broadway star (???)” Hayley Duff. You may know her as the older and less impressive sibling of Hilary Duff.  She looks like a giant grain of rice (bland and narrow) as she vamps into the apartment and gives the girls their next challenge.

Some nifty contestants too. Best of all is a girl named Lauren who looks like a combination of Britney Spears, Miss Piggy, and Mrs. Garrett from “The Facts of Life.”

Watch it! It’s the best thing going until “Entourage” comes back.



  1. Yahoo! I knew you could describe it better than I ever could. I love you and your giant grain of rice.

  2. Did you see the episode where all of the girls sing the Act One (16-bar power belt of a closer) “So Much Better.”

    It was like a montage from hell with all of these hookers hitting the same, screechy, high-pitched: “I AM SO MUCH BETTER… THAN BEFORE!!!!!!”

    I sat there, mouth agape, at once thrilled and horrified.

    And Haley Duff… OMG!

  3. My greatest hope is that in a future episode each girl will have to meet with some sort of character analyst and figure out how she can be a better Elle Woods. And then, they can all wear “What Would Elle Do?” shirts. And then I can buy one and no one will think I’m weird…I mean, much like Cassie Stick Up My Ass who is just like Elle only her bow is florescent, I’m just like Elle too, only I’m not a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

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