Posted by: phoebems | June 17, 2008

Tony Award Fashion: Best & Worst

Well, after watching a pretty ho-hum Tony Awards the other night, there isn’t much to tell. Hooray for “In the Heights,” which seems to be loved by all. Boo for “The Little Mermaid,” which was made into a laughing stock at the awards show when the director of “August: Osage County” mocked it in her acceptance speech.

It was even worse when we had to watch an excerpt with Ariel on those sneaker-skate things that annoying kids wear at the mall on Saturdays.

But, the best and worst dressed list was as easy as 1-2…uh, just two.

BEST: Marisa Tomei in her rad red dress (see Christine Baranski in a hot red number too):

(photo –

WORST: Whoopi Goldberg in the Seinfeld puffy shirt (I had hoped that got tossed when the show ended, but apparently Whoopi somehow got dibs):



  1. In The Heights definitely looks good – I want to see it next time I’m in NYC. Same for Osage County, though I didn’t think that the director took a dig at Little Mermaid; she was just saying that her young nieces and nephews were more interested in that than in her show about dysfunction and addiction, which I think is pretty normal. 🙂

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